Membership Information

Corporate Membership

At Office Massage, we want our clients to get the most out of their massage experience. We are glad to introduce to our corporate clientele, the Office Massage membership program. Our membership program allows our corporate clients to still get the best massage treatment, but with 10% off each massage (before taxes).

Not only are our members saving money but they also receive free gifts upon joining. The membership is completely free to join for employers and employees. You can have Office Massage come in as many times as you want during the month (availability permitting). The only requirement is that the company has us come in once a month for 12 months at a minimum of 3 consecutive hours

* Memberships are put in place by the company, not employees.
* For a membership to be attained we must have the companies' specific consent on the appropriate letterhead granting Office Massage permission to render our services on company property.

* 1 Year company membership – all clients receive 10% off each visit.

* Free gifts and perks upon joining

* (Early cancellation fee: $100)

Massage Packages

Reg. Price Discount Offer Price Savings
4 - massages - $400 15% $340 $60
6 - massages - $600 20% $480 $120
8 - massages - $800 25% $600 $200
10 - massages - $1000 30% $700 $300

Treatment Policy:

All equipment, linens, oils, music and sanitizing supplies will be provided by Office Massage at the time of treatment. Treatment time will include assessment, discussion of treatment being provided and adequate time to undress. If the client is late to the appointment, the full amount of the session will be implemented and the appointment will end at the scheduled time.

Please allow a 15 minute grace period for the massage therapist to arrive as unforeseeable weather and traffic conditions may arise. Should it occur that the therapist arrives late, the full duration of the appointment will be carried out (client time permitting) or the charge of the treatment will be adjusted accordingly.